Myyrmanni Parking

Myyrmanni has almost 900 heated parking spaces on two floors. In addition, the Myyrmanni car park is connected to Paaluparkki cold car park, which has direct pedestrian access to the shopping centre.
Our parking garage is boom-free, with camera-operated parking.


You enter the Myyrmanni parking garage from either Iskoskuja or Punamultakuja. The entrance to Paaluparkki is located on Iskostie. There is a driveway between Myyrmanni and Paaluparkki.
The parking facilities are open from Monday to Sunday 6-24.


We offer 2h free parking per day, after which parking costs 1€/h. If you park for less than 2 hours, you can drive out of the hall without any intervention. For longer stays, you can pay for parking via the parking app, online, or by invoice. Parking machines can be found in the elevator lobbies.

Park effortlessly with the parking app

With us you can park easily with EasyPark and ParkMan applications. If you activate camera parking in the apps, parking starts and ends automatically when you drive in and out of the hall. Please note that when paying with EasyPark and ParkMan, the apps charge a service fee according to their own price list.
The EasyPark area code for Myyrmanni is 582 and for Paalupark 677.

Online payment without registration

You can pay for your parking online without registering during your visit, or within 48 hours of the end of your parking session at There are several payment options to choose from, including card payments, Apple Pay and Google Pay. When paying online, a service fee of 0.40€ will be charged in addition to the parking fee.

Paying by invoice

If you do not pay for your parking via the app, online or at a parking machine, you will be sent an invoice by post. A surcharge of 3.90€ will be added to the paper invoice.

Charging electric cars

There is a total of 10 charging points for electric cars in the hall, of which 7 are Myyrmanni’s and 3 are Kesko charging points, located on floor -1.
Six of Myyrmanni's charging stations have a capacity of 22 kw and charge costs 22 cents/kwh.
One of the Myyrmanni charging stations has a capacity of 50 kw and costs 28 cents/kwh.
Kesko charging points have their own pricing.

For people with reduced mobility

Myyrmanni parking garage has a total of 17 parking spaces for people with reduced mobility, 8 of which are located on the lower parking level and 9 on the upper level. The spaces are located near the entrances. A disabled parking permit does not entitle you to longer free parking than normal.

Car wash

Clean Park car wash is located in the hall. Customers of the car wash pay the normal parking fee.

Other information

The free height of the hall is 210cm

Customer service

Myyrmanni Parking customer service email: