Striving for carbon-neutral shopping centres by 2023 

We believe that sustainability is built on the correct actions. Open and transparent communications about these actions are also important.

We work actively to reduce our water and energy consumption. We monitor the property's water and energy consumption and take immediate corrective action on the basis of these measurements. In connection with repairs to the property, we also consider energy-efficiency.

All the electricity used at Myyrmanni is green energy. Thanks to the solar power system mounted on the shopping centre's roof in 2020, we generate some of this electricity ourselves. The amount of energy generated by the rooftop's 651 solar panels equals the amount of electricity used by 83 two-bedroom flats per year – about 150 MWh in total – which is used for lifts, escalators and the lighting of general spaces.

Our goal is to reduce our energy consumption by 10% between 2019 and 2025. This means that by 2025, the use of electricity and heating energy at Myyrmanni should not exceed 93 kWh/m2 per year. In 2021, our energy consumption was 113 kWh/m2.

In terms of water consumption, our target is to keep the use of water per visitor below five litres a year. As the volume of water used per visitor a year was 3.1 litres in 2021, our goal is to maintain this level.

Myyrmanni has been granted the BREEAM In-Use environmental certificate with a rating of Very Good. The certificate covers the shopping centre's technical properties and maintenance. BREEAM In-Use is an international real estate certification system that was developed with a view to encourage reductions in the environmental impacts of buildings' operations and the development of healthier spaces.


Sustainability actions and targets


As part of Citycon, Myyrmanni complies with the company's sustainability strategy. Our goal is to make sustainable operations an integral part of our corporate culture – this is essential both to us and our planet. Sustainability is built on the right actions and to reflect this, Citycon updated its sustainability strategy in 2017. The new strategy encourages companies to take even more decisive environmental measures and challenges them to define ambitious long-term sustainability targets for themselves and their stakeholders. We have accepted this challenge and have set clear, concrete targets that we want to achieve by 2030. Our strategy is based on the four focus areas of our long-term sustainability pledges:



We are aware that buildings account for a major share of carbon dioxide emissions and energy consumption globally. The property sector has the potential to reduce property maintenance costs, thereby also reducing energy-related environmental impacts. We strive to minimise our energy consumption and improve our efficiency in our day-to-day operations and to produce clean, renewable energy. Cutting energy consumption and producing renewable energy onsite boosts profitability and makes the property more attractive and competitive.

Main long-term goal: Citycon will be carbon-neutral by 2030.

Implementation of the strategy over the next few years:




Having our shopping centres within reach of good public transport connections is part of our sustainability strategy and company strategy. All our shopping centres are easily accessible by public transport, and our goal is to ensure that they are an integral part of their cities' public transport system. All of them can be reached by bus and ten are located close to a metro station, 17 by a rail line and six along a tram route. In addition, we strive to make our shopping centres easy to visit on foot or by bike or electric car. Of our shopping centres, 87% have allocated a designated area for parking bicycles, and four shopping centres have chargers for electric bikes. In cities with a city bike service, we work actively to have a bike station located near our shopping centre.

Main long-term goal: All our properties can be reached by public transport, and we encourage people to use eco-friendly modes of transport. By 2030, most our visitors will use public transport, bikes or electric cars or they will arrive on foot.

Implementation of the strategy over the next few years:




Cooperation with tenants plays an important role in the achievement of our sustainability targets. We will help and encourage our tenants to participate in our sustainability operations in a range of ways, for example by encouraging them to consider energy-efficiency when making changes to the shop premises, offering recycling advice to their staff, and inviting them to join our youth collaboration, which is aimed at making our shopping centres inviting and pleasant places for all our visitors. We will communicate actively with our tenants. We will implement a portal for our tenants where they can find information on various topics, from safety to recycling and waste management.

Main long-term goal: Our tenants' satisfaction with safety, the services provided for them and our customer orientation will remain above 90% at all times. In addition, customers will spend more time at our shopping centres.

Implementation of the strategy over the next few years:



To achieve our sustainability goals, we must implement the best practices we identify. In practice, this means that we must learn from one another and share successful practices across functions and countries. Development in the area of sustainability is assessed quarterly, which enables the close monitoring of projects and processes. A central factor in the execution of our strategy is the achievement of the BREEAM In-Use certificate for our properties.

Main long-term goal: Citycon will implement the best sustainability practices in accordance with a clearly defined plan and monitors the results.

Implementation of the strategy over the next few years:

Further information on Citycon's sustainability operations